1. I saw Pandora’s Promise tonight in Brisbane which is the last showing of the Australian tour. It was well received by a smallish but still reasonable audience given the difficulties of promoting an independent doco. There were no hostile questions during the Q&A session and certainly nothing like that bloke in the video. There was a good round of applause after the film and after the Q&A.

    I find it a little hard to judge the impact, because there is not much in it that is new to me. My nineteen year old daughter liked it and thought it had impact.

    I respect Robert Stone a lot, not only for making the film, but the really hard slog of promoting it. I guess it would not be the first time he has had to deal with that sort of thing and probably won’t be the last. He is articulate and does a great job.

    1. Melbournite here.

      While I was unable to attend a Pandora’s Promise screening, I have been to a couple of Caldicott lectures over the years. There are ALWAYS audience members, like the man in the video, that go on their anti-nuclear tirade during question time. It’s rather sad. It’s kind of like a a habitual blogger copy and pasting their dozen talking points over and over again.

      The only difference is that in this instance, Stone rebuked the ‘argument’, where as Caldicott would have validated it.

  2. The good news is that a person like the heckler is not likely to win over many people who are undecided with a performance like that. That kind of screaming and name-calling is a signal to most people that you don’t have facts on your side.

  3. Luv the anti-nuclear power nuts! They almost always end up embarrassing themselves and their cause in a rational debate. That’s why pro-nuclear advocates need to engage them whenever possible, IMO.


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