1. Fascinating post.

    I would be very much interested in more information about the oxidative stress due to running as compared to the stress from absorption of ionizing radiation. My question for the doctor would be:

    “How many miles of running delivers as much stress as absorbing 10 mGy of radiation, and are these two types of stress equal as risk factors for developing cancer?”

  2. Radiation biology has the potential to teach us about the nature of radiation. Education frees us from fears of unknown and unseen forces. China is moving ahead of us on a number of fronts in the application of nuclear fission to clean domestic energy. It is too bad that we are immobilized by fear. Check this report on progress in China on thorium reactors.http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100026863/china-going-for-broke-on-thorium-nuclear-power-and-good-luck-to-them/.

  3. Dr. Costes presented at my dose response meeting (same one that Dr. Ron Mitchel presented at and which was posted on this site). Super nice guy doing very good research. He told me of the career dangers of talking about hormesis within certain groups of professionals. He said how liberating it was to be in a group of guys receptive to hear about his work.

    1. @Cory Stansbury

      We should do everything we can to resist living in a world where people who are conducting scientific research or discussing scientific topics get shouted down and are made to be fearful of speaking up.

      1. We are already there.  There are a number of incontrovertible facts (mostly but not all in the social sciences) which are utterly taboo.  Researchers face dismissal for uttering anything in plain language.  Research continues to be done in these areas, but it can only be written about in highly technical terms which are opaque to journalists and activists (sorry for the redundancy there).

  4. True leadership would require all research money to be funnelled into irritable bowel syndrome and wind mills. Seriously.

    Indeed, from a true and inspiring story on vision from Senator Reid.

    ‘Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid once urged Defense Secretary Robert Gates to spend taxpayer money on researching irritable bowel syndrome.

    Gates revealed the strange request in his new memoir, “Duty,” writing that Reid made the plea while the military was fully engaged in two ongoing wars.

    “With all the major issues we had to deal with, my personal contacts with Senate Majority Leader Reid were often in response to his calls about Air Force objections to construction of a windmill farm in Nevada because of the impact on their radars,” Gates wrote.

    “He also once contacted me to urge that Defense invest in research on irritable bowel syndrome,” Gates continued.

    “With two ongoing wars and all our budget and other issues, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

    Read more here : http://dailycaller.com/2014/01/16/gates-book-harry-reid-asked-pentagon-to-research-irritable-bowel-syndrome/#ixzz2wWYJ0pux

    Here is the link :


  5. Rod, Your email address didn’t work so I using this comment space to respond about my reprint rights.

    Rod, thanks for your interest in my essays. Atomic Incites played no small part in the development of the position which I present.

    The Agora editor takes the position that as author, I own the reprint rights.
    Agora would appreciate being cited as the source. The reference to Part I,
    Agora – Luther College in Conversation, Fall 2011, 24 (1), 24-29.
    Part II reference, Agora – Luther College in Conversation, Spring 2012, 24(2),20-26.

    1. @John Tjostem

      Thank you.

      By the way, I think you might have had a Freudian slip in your comment. This site provides “Insights,” though occasionally the conversation here “Incites” some to engage in passionate debate. 🙂

      1. I noticed that slip. I wasn’t planning a riot, but sometimes when LNT is being pushed I might want to create one.

  6. ROD – possible new blog topic.

    You need to take a closer look at exactly how the EPA is doing things today. Funny that one of the commenters here mentions the “phony CIA officer at EPA.” Seems he does not have a degree, was in a very senior level salary wise and was working on very important regulations regarding killing coal through EPA regulations. Kind of like all of the changers they mad in the IRS rules “under the radar” and “off calendar” so that reporting, and sunshine requirements were not invoked (which the NRC is also good at.) He probably had a hand in the recent EPA changes to the radiation requirements also, don’t know, just guessing.

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