1. It’s so telling how the U.S. mass media virtually weds any mentions of “tsunami” with “nuclear accident” in one jittery breath regarding Japan. You really have to wonder whether these “pros” are just lazy in discriminating different events or trying to press a subtle point.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  2. I see the EQ today in Japan brought the radiation fear junkies out in full force in the comments sections of many news sites. Its been since Sandy they had their last media induced worry fix.

  3. I have started seeing people referring to the Tsunami event as Fukushima. As in, “Since Fukushima, manufacturing in (insert non-reactor impacted town) has been destroyed.” It really irks me…

  4. Yes, there is hardly anything more difficult to reply to than an assumed evil. Reasoning is difficult because the basis for calling it “evil” in the first place was not based on true events or principals but on an association.

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