1. Rod,
    I’m figuring that this blog site is yours and not just one to which you contribute your fine writings. If my note does get to you, I want to say that you are about as clear a communicator on nuclear issues as I’ve run across. I’ve enjoyed your “Arnie Gunderson” piece and the “Best Defense……good Offense” piece immensely, and have forwarded these to concerned Vermonters who I have been in communication with to attempt to provide a more measured understanding of what is going on at VY. My native state is Vermont and I’m now living and working for FPL in Florida and maintain a home in Vermont where I hope to some day be able to enjoy some free time.
    I agree with you, that Arnie is not dumb, but see in his behavior, a trait common to people that are proud to call themselves “Nuclear Whistleblowers”. These folks are generally really smart people who become so invested in their narrow issue (concern) that their lives become forever anguished. It is common to hear their pronouncements that they are not against nuclear power; however, “there is no one working in that field and running these plants that is really capable of that job; like I am, of course, and they all lie; I do not, I only misconstrue the facts whenever necessary”.
    I worked with Arnie at Northeast Utilities decades ago in their nuclear program. When Arnie left NU, he was a working level engineer and went to a small company as a senior vice president which gives him tremendous image advantage. I also worked with other well known whistleblowers that you’ve likely heard of. My position when dealing with these folks was always one of trying to be understanding, and my working style was always aimed at trying to make sure they did not become isolated from their fellow workers. Once over the concern “hump” as I call it, though, there seems to be no getting these folks back over to the other side of that sinusoidal wave. I do not know one so called whistleblower that was not, at their basics, a good person, though.
    Keep up the fine writing as I think laymen can readily understand the way you explain complex topics.

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