1. Rod Adams wrote:
    …even though we only use about 0.5% of the potential energy before removing fuel rods from reactors and storing them away for future generations.
    Nice turn of phrase, Rod, that shows used nuclear fuel to be a resource, rather than hazard and a waste.

  2. One of your better concise writings, much said in a small space. I like the way you put in the small reactors.

  3. Bravo! Your English skills certainly paid dividends on this one. Excellent comparisons creatively presented. Make them wonder what hit them.

  4. Mass-wise, the biggest amount of “waste” to be disposed off is uranium followed by cladding. You require fast chloride reactors to burn the uranium and avoid creating more cladding waste.

  5. I thought this quote from a member of the Sierra Club captures their philosophy.
    “A couple months later, I asked the Denver Sierra Club wilderness coordinator a related question:

  6. Very well said. There are many viable alternatives to the coal, oil, and gas industry including nuclear. We should be considering these options instead of pouring incentives to fuel the fossil fuel industry.

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