1. Any way to invite Stone to guest star on Atomic Insights? He needs as many platforms to spread the word as he can get!

  2. Love the Bryk ? You have to love the Brune as well ! Very weak arguments.

    In terms of content, at least 20 regulars on this blog could have done as well or better than Stone and Schellenberger. They still did a very very good job.

    On media presence, both Stone and Shellenberger are stars. They can outperform any of the antis I have seen over the years.

    Now Lyman and Gurdensen step up to the plate. Batter up.

  3. According to Stone, a decision to avoid using nuclear energy inherently results in a decision to continue using as much fossil fuel as we do today…

    Indeed, J.M. Korhonen has, using B.P. data, prepared an illustrative graphic of this very point, reproduced here. Good intentions notwithstanding, in the real world being anti-nuclear has had the practical effect of being pro-fossil.

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