1. “Bravo” to Marv Fertel. I am glad to see more and more good information from reliable sources on the news today. The headlines are still very sensationalized, but the content seems to be calming down.

  2. James Walsh is the “nuclear expert” on CNN right now. Dr. Walsh has a PhD in PoliSci–why can’t they find anyone who can actually spell neutron?

  3. Bravo to Rod, who waded into this issue hip deep from the very beginning. Willing to be wrong early in the interest of being calm and reasoned – and taking untold heat from all directions for it. I appreciate your leadership, Rod! Thanks for this Marv Fertel piece, too. I was having trouble finding it directly. Thank you, thank you!

  4. There has been very little responsible media coverage of the five troubled Japanese reactors in the US. This short interview with Marv Fertel is one of the best. It is much to be regretted that so much of the coverage that is inundating the country is so misinformed and so biased. Our ability to build new nuclear is ultimately determined by regulatory rulings and actions. Regulation is ultimately driven by the public’s real and perceived views regarding the safety of nuclear technology.
    Bad news reporting does lasting harm when it is turned into bad advice from Congress to further ratchet up nuclear regulatory obstacles.

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