1. Thanks, Rod, for the post and comments. I recognize I’m likely in the minority here but I find the Heritage Foundation as one of the more reliable, common-sense and fair-minded think tanks that generally produces well-researched and justified reports and analysis.
    Their advocacy of nuclear power plants, and their caution against bureaucratic stagnation or meddling where they have no expertise, indicates they are pro-arithmetic when it comes to energy policy. Let the chips fall where they may as a vibrant free-market (and I realize there isn’t a totally “free” market anymore, nor would that be necessarily good, as some regulation is necessary) will decide which technology best meets the market demand. I expect an Adams Atomic Engine to be in the mix.

  2. Though I’ve not had time to read the paper referenced, I was pleased to see Sen. Udall & Murkowski push forward with the small nuke concept. Heck, I was just pleased by the thought that some senators might actually be reading Atomic Insights blog and got a “light bulb” moment.
    I read the bill and it wasn’t exactly my idea of what should be done but I had the thought that it’s a lot better than nothing. We shouldn’t necessarily settle for better-than-nothing but since the bill is still in its development phase, I’m sure the Senators will be open to suggestions.

  3. Question on: “Establish a New Licensing Pathway. The current licensing pathway relies on reactor customers to drive the regulatory process.” How does the existing reactor regulatory process contrast with the FAA and it’s over-site of aviation? Example: Does Boeing have to pay to have it’s new 787 licensed/regulated? Or is the budget for the FAA funding out of general government funds?

  4. nehringtd – I think that the linked document is the one that the FAA uses to describe the process of obtaining aircraft certification. I cannot find any indication that tells what fees the applicant must pay or whether applicants are responsible for paying at all.
    If anyone has better information about the process of certifying an aircraft design, please share – links or other forms of reference preferred.

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