1. Expressed as visitors per 100 000 people the numbers instead look like this for the top 5 countries by visitors:
    1. 3.3 visitors per 100 000 US citizens.
    2. 3.1 visitors per 100 000 australians.
    3. 2.9 visitors per 100 000 canadians.
    4. 2.1 visitors per 100 000 swedes.
    5. 0.79 visitors per 100 000 UK citizens.
    If you disaggregate the US into states I think you’ll find that curiously several countries have a lot higher “visitor-density” than several US states.

  2. The Common Wealth Countries have an unusual interest in nuclear.
    http://www.newilluminati.blog-city.com Article: “The Clem Engine Reborn….” This comes from the Australian Rain Forrest near Melbourne. And not all are western oriented with Vladimir I. Vysotskii attending the American Chemical Society Confirence in San Francisco March 21-25. He detects X-Rays and 4He in a water Jet Cavitation in Kiev similar to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Study with a similar result. 10-20 years away? I don’t think so! Fusion Energy is on the fast track contraty to hydrocarbon energy industry hype.

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