1. Ralph Nader’s catchy phrase has become very well known. The counterexample you give should be enough to disprove it, but I have to wonder about the circumstances: how on earth did it happen that they accidentally ingested it anyway? Did it get on their food? Did something in the food inhibit absorption? Perhaps that is what saved them.

    Without further details, it is impossible to know these details, and so impossible to evaluate its real meaning.

    1. Matt – the workers were bomb manufacturers. Most of the exposures came as a result of industrial events like glove bag failures. When you are grinding pieces to form the lenses of a device and the glove bag fails, you end up breathing some dust.

  2. Alvin Weinberg, Edward Teller, Eugene Wigner, Ralph Moir, Glenn Seabourg, Charles Barton Senior, ____? Parker lived long lives plus a few more I’m sure I missed all provide evidence that hormesis is an explanation for their longevity. Maybe you can add to this list. I’d say it’s pretty compelling.

  3. Hi Rod

    Congratulations on the new system. Looks good.
    Not sure you are aware but comments are closed on a few of your most recent posts. Thought you might want to know in case it was unintentional.

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