1. There might be another reason for the disparity in the appropriated funds. The review costs for nuclear projects are borne by the applicant – is this true for any of the other technologies?

    1. Short answer: yes and no. huh? The language in Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 is intentionally ambiguous in this regard. While it appears to state the all applicants, regardless of the type of project, will bear the review costs as well as a cost for expected defaults. However, it leaves the window open for interpretation on how much to charge for each different type of project. Theoretically, they could charge an applicant $1 if that’s what he CBO comes up with as an estimate. So it will be interesting to watch and see the disparity, if any, between the percentage fee charged to applicants with different types of projects.
      Further loan guarantee reading if you are interested (some shameless self-promotion, too – Rod, please forgive me but I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it applicable to the discussion).

    2. Oh, and I think part of the appropriation disparity comes from the cost of the projects themselves. Applicant’s can only be approved for 80% of the total project cost for the guarantee. 80% of a larger base number results in the larger appropriation. Probably has to do with the credit worthiness of utilities operating nuclear plants versus start-ups and other fledgling renewable companies, as well.

  2. While Sen. Coburn is from Oklahoma, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions that he condones or endorses the veto by the governor. I’d like to see more investigative reporting in that regard before we declare him guilty by association.

  3. DocForesight – I was not implying that Sen. Coburn endorses the veto by the governor. The association I was trying to make was that that both actions seem to be directed at slowing down the deployment of nuclear energy projects.

    1. Since they are both “Southern gentlemen”, perhaps Sen. Coburn needs a good talkin’to by Sen. Alexander? Where is the nearest woodshed?

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