Duke TIP Nukes at GA Tech 1

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  1. “The students had the opportunity to watch… a BBC documentary on the life of Marie Curie.”

    Citation needed. Rod, I’ve been off-and-on working an article about those who Made a Difference. I still shake my head; I think you’ll agree Albert Einstein said it best:

    “Marie Curie is, of all celebrated beings, the only one whom fame has not corrupted.”

  2. @ JohnGalt

    Fascinating story! How does the following article bear on your understanding of security challenges to commercial nuclear power plants?


    About 10% of the power consumed in America was once supplied by commercial nuclear power using fuel formerly used in Soviet nuclear weapons. Was that a good thing?




  3. Back in the 80s UCLA “temporarily” shutdown their reactor due to the Olympics as well. I figured they would never reopen and applied to UCSB instead.

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