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  1. Good show!

    Too bad Lisa was interrupted by Ben’s super good news because she hit it on the head about nuclear public education at this late after-the-horse-has-left-the-barn stage of the PR nuclear power game, but such has to go WAY beyond the “tell your neighbor tell your friends” stage. Great laments about the Indian Point tritium fret, but if only NEI and ANS simply picked up the phone for a $.25 call to NYC metro media and straightened them out. I left email at WNBC-TV and WCBS’s blogs to correct their fright reporting on the real health perspectives and got no answer — yet under another email persona I made comments about their reports of the restriction of horse carriages in Manhattan and I got lavish thank-yous back in one day. Obviously my name doesn’t have the clout NEI and ANS does! The nuclear grass roots REALLY shouldn’t be left doing this advocacy thing to save nuclear plants and climate change and thousands of nuclear jobs all by itself! I’d thought Shoreham taught the whole nuclear community a thing about aggressive self-promotion and mass public education to counter a media dead-eyed against you!

    I’d also like to see the excellent Les Corrice pick apart “reports” on sites like https://twitter.com/hashtag/fukushima?src=hash (so I can post his site and challenges on library sites if they accept them) which are being used as (anti)nuclear references for many school libraries here in NYC and the Queens Library system which is the largest in the nation if not the world.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  2. Here is a bit of interesting news regarding the findings of the SA Royal Commission. The leader of the Federal Labor Party, Bill Shorten, says that he would be “open” to Australia taking HL waste under the right conditions. Shorten is known to be anti-nuclear as is a fair slice of the Federal Labor Party. This leaves only the Greens in categorical opposition and they will never have the numbers.

    As changes in Federal legislation would almost certainly be required and Federal Labor may have the capability to block those, I see this as an extremely positive development in the political classes. Next issue – community support.


  3. Glad that Lisa is back. And she is spot on: the antis advocate for solar and wind and get the funds. There need to be more nuclear advocates making the case.

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