1. Congratulations. Yes indeed. My reliable source of education on many topics. Not just nuclear.


  2. Congratulations Rod! Keep up the good work. Atomic Insights is one of my daily must-visit sites. I may be addicted.

  3. Thank you for your excellent efforts. Here’s hoping that by the end of the next twenty years there will be far less need for those efforts than there is now.

  4. SUPER CONGRATS! And I’d bet most of it has been at near 100% Capacity Factor and without a first Refueling Outage.

  5. Congratulations Rod. As a relative newcomer, I had no idea you’ve been at this so long. Thanks for being a force of reason amongst all of the noise.

  6. Wow ………20 years is true devotion, Rod. Commendable.

    “One has difficulty finding a mention of the technology in the press without some accompanying comment about nuclear waste, Three Mile Island or Chernobyl”

    I note your “Welcome” post does not invite comment. I’m curious why you didn’t include Fukushima in the above quote. I find that most people I talk to recently about NE immediately want to talk about Fukushima. You have also opined here that the media has been largely responsible for the FUD regarding Fukushima. You are pretty meticulous, so I’m betting you ommitted Fukushima on purpose. How come? Not nit-picking, or being critical. Just curious.

    1. @poa

      Fukushima happened in 2011. I’m reasonably far sighted, but I could not have predicted that event when I wrote “Welcome to Atomic Energy Insights” on April 1, 1995.

      1. Rod – You’ve been at this game long enough to know how it goes. It’s not sufficient that the technology be perfect, but the blogs about the technology must also be perfect as well.

        NNadir calls this “nuclear exceptionalism.”

        1. Brian, that nuclear exceptionalism and the associated feel of needing to provide maximum reference links to any statements that I typed was one of the main reasons that my blog (http://entreprenuclear.blogspot.com) has now sat dormant for very close to 2 years. I started it, of course, in large part due to reading Rod’s most excellent blog here.

          I echo Andrew Jaremko’s sentiment above regarding possible addiction, although my day job has caused me to be a little behind on my Atomic Insights reading this week.

        1. Oooops……

          ……missed the 1995 date somehow. Hey, I’m old. Give me a break.

          Well, Brian, the site is pretty close to being perfect. The braying in the background gets a little old though.

  7. Congratulations Rod. Well done. I have followed you off and on those twenty starting with electricnet. Does that bring back memories? I remember when you were promoting Atomic Motors. I’m a Navy vet who worked all my life in radio and electronics, retiring after 29 years at a electric utility. I’m starting to get long in tooth so I better stop now. I wish you the best of luck the next twenty.

    Thank you for your dedication Rod.

  8. Congratulations from Down Under, Rod. It’s thirty one years since New Zealand barred your nuclear powered navy ( after an election fought over the issue ). Let’s hope we can welcome you back, in peace, in less time.

  9. A very happy 20th anniversary to Atomic Insights, and a huge and warm “thank you” to Rod Adams for all he has taught me after I really became interested in this topic following the facts which happened in 2011.

    I have since then discovered a world full of fascinating physics and chemistry, and met with a number of very interesting and dedicated people.

    The Atomic Show has been a wonderful source of information, and I had the time and patience to go back to the first episodes where Shane was co-host with Rod. Some podcast episodes and blog posts are true gems, and I wish that all the newcomers to this blog would spend some time to educate themselves by browsing the old content.

    Thanks Rod for all what you have been doing. Looking forward to the next 20 years. And then some more.

    Ciao, Luca

  10. Happy Birthday, AtomicInsights!

    But what a date to get launched under!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

    1. And yes, I realize that it isn’t Rod’s birthday…but Atomic Insights IS Rod!

  11. Congratulations, Rod! Your site is a great source of information that I’ve found especially useful to turn to whenever I find myself arguing with purveyors of anti-nuke propaganda.

    I’ve been something of an energy hobbyist for the past few years, and one of the personal discoveries I’ve made is that there is a pretty consistent set of arguments used by anti-nukes (which seem to come primarily from the “renewables and renewables alone can and must save us” crowd), that, no matter how many times they have been demonstrably killed by actual facts and evidence, keep rising from the dead. Have you ever thought of putting together a page that lists these standard anti-nuke myths and their corresponding debunkings like the guys at Skeptical Science (http://www.skepticalscience.com/argument.php) have done with global warming myths vs. actual science? I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers who would be happy to help you put together something like that. It would so useful to have a one-stop-shop reference for dealing with the whack-a-mole style FUD that constantly flows from the anti-nuke crowd.

    1. I have been working on a list of those, on and off (mostly off).

      I don’t particularly care where it’s hosted.

      My ultimate goal is to have a list of stock phrases which trigger a filter to insert notes and hyperlinks, and down-rate the trustworthiness of both the comment and the commenter on those sites which allow for it (like Slashdot).

  12. Congratulations Rod!
    Thank you for this great fountain of information and discussion. It was here that I stopped being in two minds about nuclear power.

  13. Rod,

    Thank you for staying at it for 20 years, and continuing to provide a valuable source of educational articles and analysis.

  14. I’d like to sincerely thank all of the people who took the time to congratulate me on the 20 year anniversary of Atomic Insights.

    It’s been an interesting hobby that I hope to turn into a sustainable endeavor that will allow me to remain active and engaged long after the conventional retirement age. Though some have expressed the desire that there might not be a need for Atomic Insights 20 years from now, I’m pretty sure our effort to share accurate atomic information has just barely begun.

    Along those lines, I’ll now express a bit of disappointment.

    Written congratulations are great, but even greater would have been in a few supporters had seen fit to accompany their words with enabling tools – aka dollars. Did you all overlook the “Donate” button?

    We’re going to fail in our attempt to overcome five decades worth of misinformation if we can’t afford to start advertising and begin demanding more attention.

  15. Atomic Energy Insights inspired me to get a California “ATMC NRG” license plate for my motorcycle back in the late 90’s.

    1. @Michael P

      Thank you for visiting Atomic Insights and providing the above comment. It’s good to hear from old friends.

      You are referred to in the “About” page of Atomic Insights in the following paragraph.

      In January of 1997, we essentially ran out of things to talk about. With generous help from friends, AAE was able to provide continuing access to our articles on the web. Interestingly enough, there was a steady stream of new readers looking for information on an important topic.

  16. After 20 years your essay above still makes perfect sense.

    We may differ on the details but you have a great grasp of the “Big Picture”.

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