Atomic Show #188 – Wheeler and Harding discuss ANS Utility Working Conference

During the first week of August each year, the American Nuclear Society hosts a conference called the Utility Working Conference (ANS-UWC). It is one of my favorite ANS meetings because it draws a crowd of professionals whose daily employment is focused on safely operating electricity production facilities powered by atomic fission. Those facilities produce 20% of the electricity in the United States using less than 10% of the installed capacity.

Every one of the kilowatt hours produced by nuclear energy is one less kilowatt hour produced by coal or natural gas and somewhere between 600 and 1200 less grams of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, I could not attend this year’s conference due to schedule conflicts. I did the next best thing and invited two guests who attended the meeting.

Margaret Harding (4 Factor Consulting) and John Wheeler (This Week In Nuclear) joined me on August 14 to provide their report on the important talks, sessions and hallway conversations. I hope you learn as much as I did.


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