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  1. So this thing they replaced is what Canada is having so much trouble shipping down the St. Lawrence?

    Doesn’t seem that dangerous to me, or the people standing next to it.

  2. This is a very valuable, albeit somewhat ‘dramitized’ (with the music and deep stern voice of the narrator) “How Things Work” documentary. I went through a lot of turbine overhauls. it takes hours to days just to set up a turbine casing ‘lift’.

    What I liked about this is that for young people, it shows that these jobs are very valuable, and rewarding. I think the way the show simply presented facts without spin, one way or another, is a service to the men and women of our industrial working class.

  3. The Gerneral Public takes electricity for granted without a thought to the skill levels of the people that supply it. Only now do they give thought to the out of date grid that supplies power. Most of it deliverd by wires on poles and towers with little underground. Every storm either wind rain or ice threatens long outages. Now, with climate change, the cost of this will make rates out of sight.

  4. Yucca Mountain close out,

    I read in one newspaper that following a deadlock (2-2 vote) that Yucca is closing.

    Then on another source of news, I get this:

    The commission announced a tie vote of 2-2, therefore the ASLB’s legal decision is not overturned and the DOE’s motion to withdraw the application is not granted.

    What is going on ?

        1. @Brian – I would put it differently. Ethical members will always abstain due to possible conflicts of interest. When there is an obvious conflict and no abstention, it is evidence of a lack of ethics and integrity.

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