1. Thank you Rod. I read the links twice. This expresses exactly the concerns I have had for some time.

  2. After skimming through the summary I might as well have been reading a report developed by the AWEA, NREL or RMI, Lovin’s group.
    Doing a quick internet search of some of the individuals preparing and reviewing this report to see their credentials, I fail to see true indepedence. I saw a lot of people who have made their careers in some form of renewable energy but only a couple of that might quailify as being truly energy or scientifically neutral.
    I basically stopped reading the online version after about the 10th time of seeing renewable energy called a disruptive technology while several paragraphs later seeing a plea for more federal money for additional research. To be a true disruptive technology it must fundamentally change the landscape while providing technology that is more cost effective to use. I do not see wind and solar supplying any more then 10-15% of our nation’s energy at cost effective rates. I will sometime go back to see if they factored in the various governmental incentives into their economic analysis or if they were silent about how much money is already funding wind, solar and wave power.
    The report also appears to discuss how we must change how we use energy, i.e. we must root out all forms of energy inefficiency no matter the cost.
    To bad the NAS has joined the renewable band wagon in this fashion but then the organization has had political issues for years. My concern is that ASME might be doing the same thing since I was asked recently my opinion on ASME supporting rewneables at the Washington DC level in a poll that was sent out to many ASME members. My response was that ASME can not appear to be supporting one technology over another as its goal is to provide scientific and engineering standards as well as education for all industries, not support politically popular power generation technology while disregarding other possible solutions. When the engineering societies begin to jump on the renewable bandwagon without considering the long term impications then we are in trouble.

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