1. Heh … there’s nothing like the courage of throwing the staff under the bus to cover for one’s own incompetence.

    This is why the nuclear industry in the US needs to be particularly careful these days. Can you imagine what a Three-Mile-Island incident would be like with this guy in charge?

  2. Up until his appointment to the NRC, Chairman Jaczko has never held a position where his decisions could have impacts beyond himself.

  3. I am sure it is not original, but I love the way he has defended the undependable by calling it courageous. All attacks on the decision are just further proof of the courage it took to make it.

    I really hope I get to watch this decision end his career with the NRC. I do not believe that the “most senior, expert staffers” had anything to do with it.

  4. To the outside observer, you appear to be frothing at the mouth. If you get no worthwhile response, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    Essentially all of your political arguments against Rod boil down to cherry-picked facts or non verifiable rants. If you want the conversation to devolve into further meaninglessness, all we need is someone on the left posting Sarah Palin’s views on nuclear and how much further government loan guarantees for new nuclear plants have gone under Obama.

    The most important thing you need to learn is that between left and right, we have very few true allies in high political positions. Trying to pretend that they are all on one side or the other is stupid. Spend your time confronting specific anti-nuclear politicals (politely, not like you have done with Rod) and ask them why they oppose us. Talk to people you personally know who are anti-nuclear and help them understand your position. Don’t spend your time making senseless rants on Rod’s blog.

  5. I’m to the point where whatever comes out of the mouth of Chairmain Don’t-know-Jack makes me want to puke. When is he going to be fired as just another political hack/puppet for Senator Reid?

  6. We have to get rid of these evacuation zone “radiuses”. They create the impression a much larger are is in danger than really is. They are also the source of fearmongering that insists any radiation release makes an area “uninhabitable”. Instead there should be more precise measures taken, such as giving them dosimeters and other tools (potassium idodine, flavanoids) and to all residents and training them on how to live safely in such a zone. Reports from Fukushima have shown (once again, just like with Chernobyl) that most residents WANT to stay there and are being forced out by the government. They should be allowed to stay.

  7. You’ve shown as a Demokrat how much you believe in free speech. Jackzo was put in charge by Obama. And you voted for Obama. Period.

    1. I’d say Rod’s continued patience for you spouting venom shows quite a comittment to free speach.

    2. Free speech is a constitutional guarantee that the government will not interfere with your right of expression. It does not apply to a privately hosted forum. Violate the standards and risk having your post deleted. Violate it too egregiously or to frequently and risk being banned.

  8. Keep in mind several things different about Japan. 1. Corporate face saving is still part of Japanese culture. Anything short of removing oneself for failure in office is not acceptable.

    2. The land of “Godzilla” is hooked on the rush that comes in both real and fictional perceptions of events.

    3. Any country in shock after such a loss and tradgedy will respond mostly for self preservation rather some edict by obscure Tokyo administrators.

    The imposition of a 50 mile zone for US Citizens by
    Chairman Jaczko was viewed in Japan for what it was.

    As a matter of fact the greater world outside the US may just ignor much of what comes from here other than our rising debt, unemployment and slugish response to advances in engineering and physics. No one makes us look like fools more than ourselves.

  9. As a member of the emergency response organization at a US nuclear power plant I can say that making such an extreme protective action recommendation during an NRC graded drill and defending it as “courageous” would be justly perceived as incompetence and would be rewarded with a cited violation and probably a fine. The commissioner seems to know nothing about the standards of the industry he is charged with regulating. In a real emergency, the logistics of an evacuation fall on the local police and sheriff’s departments. To assume that the local authorities were capable of supporting this in the Fukushima Daiichi incident defies reason and to make this recommendation to Americans reeks of arrogance. A corollary would be for me to pick up my phone, should we have a real emergency, and flaunt my expertise by telling my buddies to get out of town. How would the public perceive this? I’m sure that’s the way it was perceived by the Japanese.

  10. Rod, I wonder what Jazcko would have to say about the concept of reducing the size of the EPZ based on the use of risk based analysis?
    We really need solid information from Japan so that we can make rational decisions going forward.
    What has been most interesting to me is that we need to revisit our communication plans in light of new technologies such as Social Networking and the 24 hour news cycle. Much like TMI, one of the biggests disasters at fukushima was communications.

  11. Its only my opinion but it appears that Jaczko is repeatedly defending his wrong decision more so because he does not want to admit being wrong than his former bosses desire to see nuclear shut down.

    It is not in the blood of a politician to admit being wrong and it is never their fault.

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