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  1. Rod,

    Since this blog is all about energy in many shapes, I cannot believe the amount of energy you have deployed over the years.

    Only a passionate man can do what you do. When I was referring on a previous thread that the UK had crossed the tipping point thanks to Monbiot and Lynas, I erred when I said that such journalistic excellence did not exist in the US. I think you are an excellent communicator.

    I am learning a lot on this blog and I thank you for it.

  2. Great program. Has been very educational for an ex-anti nuc guy.

    I have been fighting the Atomic Show download problem for a while, until I went to your
    website. The itunes button still does not work but the new link in the above message did.


  3. A permanent non-itunes link on the site to the new Atomic Show on the main website would be great, thanks.

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