1. Rod,
    Regarding your first paragraph, since I haven’t read the rest:
    Congratulations Commander Adams SIR! I call you “sir” with respect for your rank and service. But most especially your service, as I would (with his or her permissioin) any retiring Chief/Sergeant. Or Admiral/General. Or LDO mustang Ensign/Lt. Anyone who gave a major chunk of his life (or the whole blessed thing) in defense of our beloved country. Heroes.
    Now, grow up!

  2. About nuclear fusion: before the green energy wave began, i remember in the 90ies one argument against nuclear (fission) plants was the prospect of fusion. Proponents always argued that nuclear fusion would soon be achieved, rendering the “old” nuclear plants with their waste problem obsolete. So the idea was to just wait a little longer, and don’t go nuclear yet, because the next energy source is just around the corner. Well, now we’re being told we’ve just got to wait a little longer, then “renewables” will solve our energy problems, then the subsidies won’t be required, then some energy storage will have been invented for them, just wait a little longer…
    These empty promises serve as a barrier to invest in what is practically available today, by promising better returns for those that “wait”. It wouldn’t surprise me if the hype about fusion could be traced back to the same people that support the renewables & natural gas combination today.

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