ITER Fusion Project manager on Science Friday

On July 1, 2005, Ira Flatow interviewed Ned R. Sauthoff, Project Manager, U.S. ITER Project, DOE Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University. As usual, I was not able to listen to the program at the time that it was broadcast, but fortunately Ira has established a podcast edition of his show, so it showed up…

Update on Westinghouse sale

It seems that BNFL’s unions are pretty upset that their employer is planning to sell off the Westinghouse organization. Here is a relevant article from Cumbria Online

Export-Import Bank Loan to Westinghouse Blocked

On Tuesday 28 June, Rep Bernard Sanders I-VT introduced an amendment to the foreign aid bill that would prevent the Export-Import Bank of the United States from lending $5 Billion to Westinghouse that is intended to finance the sale of nuclear reactors to China. The Sanders amendment to H.R.3057 was passed by a 313-114 vote….

Nuclear referendum in the market

BNFL has announced that they are going to sell their Westinghouse division. This sale is going to be an interesting case to watch, as it will either validate my position about the bright future for nuclear power or disprove it. Though there are a lot of legacy products with the Westinghouse brand on them, the…

Atomic Retro

I’ll admit it. I am a child of the 70’s and actually liked doing the Bump when I was in high school. I even wore a leisure suit and polyester shirts with long pointed collars. I just stumbled across a web site that had me laughing out loud. The site is sponsored by Friends of…