99% of mankind should love nuclear energy

Please be patient with me on this post – it might take a while before I clearly demonstrate why it belongs on Atomic Insights. First I want to share a couple of entertaining, but informative videos that you’ll probably never see in the commercial media.

This is another version of the same song, performed with a band in front of an audience in a theater.

The star of those videos is David Ippolito, who is known as That Guitar Man from Central Park. I first heard about him and his minstrel-like song writing skills while listening to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, which can legitimately stake a claim as being the first podcast. I started listening to that show and to other podcasts in early 2005.

Podcasts might have actually saved my life – it was so much easier to stay alert during my long commute from Annapolis to Washington, DC while listening to intelligent conversation and independently produced music than while listening to ad interrupted, inane talk or “top 40” radio that is produced by conglomerates like Clear Channel.

Curry’s show demonstrated how someone with broadcasting experience as a creative DJ who had run afoul of corporate control could declare his independence and keep on doing the DJ work he loved to do. Curry spoke frequently of his desire to share the sound track of his life without being “encouraged” to follow a homogenizing playlist. As some of you know, I joined the podcasting movement in March of 2006 and have produced more than 180 episodes of The Atomic Show since that time.
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Deadliest adversary of antinuclear movement – guiltless men and women proudly sharing nuclear knowledge

For the past few months, I have been rereading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Though the book was first published more than 50 years ago, it is remarkably prescient about some of the risks that society can face when too many people forget how to produce items of real value and quality. It is a book […]

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Strange feeling – I even never liked the Yucca Mountain project

Circumstances sometimes create some rather strange alliances. This week, despite being a proud liberal who proudly supports public education, comes from a family of union school teachers, appreciates the value of being covered by a single payer medical plan and voted for President Obama, I find myself cheering for a group of representatives who are […]

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Atomic Energy: Powerful Job Generator

It is easy to find recent news stories describing the effects of high energy prices on the world’s economy. A more challenging task is finding articles or analysis describing effective alternatives to watching increasing quantities of money flow from energy consumers and to energy suppliers. A large portion of this torrent of cash is flowing […]

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Rooting for the Underdog: Small Nations Often Need Atomic Power

It made my day to watch the lowly Florida Marlins beat the 26 time “World Champion” New York Yankees. I nearly wept when the mighty Notre Dame football team kicked a last second field goal to squeak out a victory over Navy for the 39th time in a row. I cheered madly when the American […]

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Ike Was Right: We Need Atoms for Peace

Imagine how different the world political stage would be if oil was just another commodity instead of being seen as THE vital ingredient in the world’s economy. Whole power structures and economic arrangements would shift dramatically. No longer would we be treated to the spectacle of democratically elected leaders groveling to despots that just happen […]

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CAREM – An Innovative, Small PWR

I want to tell you about a development project in Argentina that has received little attention in the nuclear industry press. Its existence demonstrates the continuing international interest in nuclear technology, even at a time when many industry observers declared that the atomic age had come and gone. CAREM ( http://www.invap.net/nuclear/carem/carem_index-e.html) is classified as a […]

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NA-YGN is Alive and Kicking

I recently had the pleasure of spending two fun filled days in Washington meeting and socializing with a group of people that goes by the rather ’90’s appellation of NA-YGN. They are young, proud, professional, “alive and kicking.” NA-YGN (North American Young Generation in Nuclear – www.na-ygn.org) is a group of dedicated professionals under the […]

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