Atomic Show 100 – Interview with NuScale founders Paul Lorenzini and Jose Reyes

NuScale Power has been the topic of several recent Atomic Insights posts and also has been mentioned on Idaho Samizdat and on IMHO this company is big news – it is a venture-funded company with a small nuclear plant design that just may be able begin operating in the commercial market in less than 5 years. (That is my estimate, not the company’s.)

To give our coverage of this exciting development some more depth, I used some of my extensive network of contacts – thanks Gwyneth – to get right to the top. As a result, I was able to record a great chat with Paul Lorenzini and Jose Reyes, NuScale’s President and Chief Technical Officer respectively.

They were both busily working at 6:00 pm on a Friday night – nobody ever said that starting a new company was a 9-5 job.

Go to The Atomic Show #100 – Nuclear Power on a New Scale – NuScale Power and listen to the conversation. Hope you decide to join in with your comments!

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