1. Hi Rod, excellent show, and thanks to the people from Hyperion. I’ve used some of the excellent info that they provided to improve the Wikipedia article on the HPM.

  2. “This episode has a high geek factor warning, but I think that most of you will learn a lot and enjoy the experience.” LOL!!! Thanks for the warning!

    Yeah, I think you’re right about that in general (though I wish I experienced more of the former [learning], even when I was certainly enjoying the latter [enjoying the experience]) :o)

    In the end, I DID learn a lot… it’s just when stuff goes over my head (and a lot of this did), I tend to focus on what I missed rather than what I got. Nonetheless, I want to thank you for the stuff that I DID get. Keep it up and good luck to all of you!


    – from BOB Jog Stroller

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