1. I have spoken with people, who were there at the time, who swear the murder suicide story (over a woman) is true. The proof of the story died with the victims.
    John Horan, who was one of the first health physics workers on the accident scene, talked with me at length about the accident in 1998, a year before he died. He did not subscribe to the murder suicide theory.
    He said the accident occurred because the control rods did not move smoothly in and out of the reactor core. The design flaw was in the mechanism they moved in

  2. Rod,
    Congrats on the new job with B&W.
    It is good to see people like you and Kirk find jobs where you can actually make good things happen.

  3. Of course small nuclear reactors are a bad idea. If the nuclear industry converts to small reactors, eliminating most of the long-distance grid, then a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. Most prominent among them will be the anti-industrialism advocates masquerading as anti-nuclear whackjobs like George Monbiot who will be unable to tap into the alienation of the copious losers which an economy ruled by bankers working on behalf of their aristocratic masters produces. Remember “Small Is Beautiful”? Once nuclear reactors become small they suddenly become an “appropriate” technology and champions of the everyman. Obviously, you’d be putting those wha uh advocates out of a job. Oh the horror, the horror!
    Remember, the anti-nuke nutters have absolutely no problem 1) raising costs of nuclear reactors by putting up artificial legal and political barriers, 2) blaming nuclear energy for “costing too much”. They’re hypocrites. So yes it’s entirely in keeping with their tactics that they would 3) claim nuclear energy is only appropriate if run by large industrial consortia, 4) claim large industrial consortia are never appropriate for any reason, therefore 5) nuclear energy is never appropriate.

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