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NRC Commissioner Candidates Stephen Burns and Jeffery Baran

…e the NRC. Jeff Walther My guess is that these suggestions are coming from Holdren as a quiet sabotage of nuclear electricity generation. Obama either hasn’t a clue, or is an outright liar. Worst case, Obama compromises when the Republican’s oppose his appointees, by withdrawing Burns and “settling” for Baran. Then nominates another Baran type with no useful or meaningful experience. SteveK9 I’m not sure who advises Obama on anything (e.g. does he…

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Amory Lovins continues Sowing Confusion About Renewable and Nuclear Energy

…s amplified by influential people like Joe Romm, John Podesta, and John P. Holdren. Before we all crash on the rocks and shoals that his song is pulling us towards, he must be either silenced or overcome by a higher intensity generation of more accurate information. John Chatelle @Dr. Miller In Boston Consulting Group format Oil is only the Cash Cow of many large Multinational Oil Companies. Natural Gas is an Oil companies’ Star. Amory Lovin’s is…

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Atomic Show #219 – Mike Rosen misused Edward Calabrese’s Earth Day column

…vement, which was a breeding ground for antinuclear “scientists” like John Holdren and provided many antigrowth and antinuclear messages. I have mixed emotions about 21st Century Science and Technology. It is a LaRouche publication with some of the weirdness that implies. However, it has published some excellent work on atomic fission over the years, often providing an outlet for scientists and engineers whose work contradicted the story that the…

Power Magazine Blog – Curmudgeon’s View: a Negative View of Gas Reactors (HTGR) Needing a Response

…m or the Manhattan Project”. This call specifically included nuclear. John Holdren, now President Obama’s science advisor, stated for publication at that time Brian Mays Well, it’s nice to know that the Chinese and Japanese will have the ability to buy first-rate technology for manufacturing TRISO fuel for their gas-cooled reactors. “A major part of the long timeline and the delay in choosing pebble versus prismatic is that there was a lengthy fue…

Kirk Sorensen Explains Molten Salt Thorium Reactors to Dr. Kiki – Interview Includes Exciting Info About Bismuth 213 For Cancer Treatment

… Kirk Sorensen is one of the most active and articulate advocates of nuclear energy that I know. Listen carefully to this interview and see if you agree….

Michio Kaku – long history of antinuclear activism

…of NRC currently making the rounds, probably looking for a steady gig John Holdren, Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy Frank Von Hipple, Princeton University Science and Global Security Andrea Jennetta Paul, atheist secularist humanist liberal progressive Democrat here. And I am pro-nuclear. 😀 Rod Adams I’m a secular humanist liberal progressive as well. Not so sure about the first and last words in your self description at t…


Conversation with an anti society antinuclear activist

…te change bandwagon and one of his associates is Obama’s science czar John Holdren. Anon You mean this? Diana B. I don’t preach a particular message to my students, instead I try to give them the tools to make informed decisions for themselves. Every choice has a consequence and we must all take individual responsibility for our actions. Kids are ecologically expensive, true. However, replacement rate reproduction (2.1 or less kids in the US) coup…

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Purposeful price pumping by constraining supply

…e Population Bomb and subsequent work. One of his primary colleagues, John Holdren, is now the President’s Science Advisor. Underlying the population control movement was a great deal of money from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and directly from John D. Rockefeller III who thought that a growing human population was a grave risk to the planet. This movement was no some sort of fringe group; it spread throughout the halls of power and included such…

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