1. I wonder if Jack Spencer could be induced to offer his observations as a comment on the MasterResources blogsite.

  2. A couple things… The sun plays a hidden part in all sorts of things that we don’t connect with energy use. Architecture is the big one… A good home will keep a comfortable temperature and stay well lit by controlling its solar input. Building codes encapsulate some basic solar control techniques whether we know it or not – these techniques save us lots of energy. If we really put our minds to it we could design much better homes that wouldn’t necessarily be much more expensive.
    As far as government support for solar vs. nuclear goes there’s really no comparison. The government developed refining technology for the bomb program. Then the government developed LWRs for subs plus a range of nuclear programs for satellites, airplanes, mobile power stations, dinghys and all manner of stuff.
    Solar got satellite power… This was both good and bad. Good because the basic research was funded and all the proof of concept stuff was done. Bad because there was no consumer focus – NASA’s mentality was quality at all costs. The modern birth of PV as a source of consumer power has only really occurred in the last decade in Germany. This has cost Germany tens of billions of dollars but that investment has led to rapid development and parity seems well within reach.

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