1. This show goes in the Golden Eps archive! Talk about brain trust!! Keep this cadre coming on!!!
    (Lots of disruptive sabotage via anti-nukes throughout this top ace show!! πŸ˜€ )

    Re: “Note: During the show, Cal reminded me that this show would probably be posted on December 2, which is an important day in nuclear energy history.”

    Why not declare this date the truer “birth” of nuclear energy than the media’s favorite guilt-and-horror ridden explosions in a desert years later? Public and schools know squat about Stagg Field! Not even any movies made of it! How ’bout it ANS & NEI & Co.?

    “Spot On!” Jeremiah should be sic’ed on poisonous blogs like “Nuclear (cough) News” sliming truth and willfully deceiving people by passing off FUD as real news! Really!! Tear ’em to shreds, Jerr!!!

    Bring this same Dec 2 group back (along with “the girls”) just for a prime discussion in media’s role and responsibility in fair and accurate nuclear public perception and does nuclear have any fair friends in the media, and the biggie, how can nuclear education fight a green-biased media and expose their fossil sponsors? The Canada guys would be great in this too!!

    Invite a pro-nuclear politician on the RoundTable for some grilling on the bad state of nuke affairs! Or just to see their writ excuses not to come.

    I’m already doing this (and being brushed aside as a lone Joe), but spread open-letter invitations out to anti-nuclear blogs and anti-nuclear honchos to come meet this Dec 2 group in a RoundTable debate and post why they REFUSE!!

    This fine ensemble must not be keep in the blog closet!! ANS & NEI should recruit and sponsor this bunch on a national nuke education tour if not featured on an essential post-Pandora pro-nuke media production! At the very least shadow-box the antis!! Let not FUD or anti-nuke propaganda go unchallenged anywhere or else the unwashed thinks it’s legit!

    Good Show! Encore — LOTS!!!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

    1. James,

      From your review, I’m not sure if I should make it a point to listen to this podcast.

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