The Atomic Show #085-2 – ANS Student Conference Career Fair Part 2

Duke Energy, Ameren, US Navy Nuclear Power Program, Dominion

On February 29, 2008, I visited the American Nuclear Society Student Conference 2008 Career Fair and talked to a number of organizations that had booths set up to find out what kind of opportunities were available. I tried to get a reasonable selection of contractor, government agency, national laboratory and operating utilities to provide a flavor.

As I reviewed the clips, I realized that I did not talk to any of the reactor plant vendors. Oh well, I will learn from that oversight and try to do better the next time.

There are a total of eight different interviews that are spread out over two episodes. This second section includes talks with the following potential employers:

If you hear a particular segment that interests you and you want to make contact with the speaker, send me an email (rod_adams(at symbol) and I will try to help you make the direct connect. That way, you can tell them that you heard about the opportunity on The Atomic Show.


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