The Atomic Show #136 – Jack Tuohy, Executive Director, American Nuclear Society

Jack Tuohy is the Executive Director of the American Nuclear Society. We talked about his goals for the organization, his experiences as a first responder at Three Mile Island and his desire to help nuclear professionals develop their expertise.

Other topics discussed during our conversation include:

TMI regulation changes as good for nuclear industry

Engineers as businessmen

Alternative financing for emerging nuclear businesses

Making industry vibrant and respected

Early confusion over anti-nuclear movement, young and inexperienced in recognizing what was going on.

Straightforward guy, did not appreciate the tactics of the other side, engineers tend to be direct and do not try to work an angle

Anti-nuclear attitudes seem to be almost a religion, practitioners will not be convinced otherwise.

It is almost analogous to a conversion from one religion to another to get them to change their mind.

Ownership and passion versus religious fervor.

Story about his attendance at Sierra Club meeting one year after 9-11 – tactics of fear.


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The Atomic Show #128 – Celebrating 30 Years

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