Shoreham Chapter 2.5 – Researching background, dramatizing fear

This segment of the Shoreham documentary lays some of the groundwork for the interviews that will be a part of the story. James and Ray spent a lot of time in libraries and press vaults finding material and identifying potential candidates that could provide views from various perspectives. Interview candidates mentioned are Michio Kaku, who testified against the plant, Gwyneth Cravens, who protested the plant and later learned far more about nuclear energy in a journey of discovery that resulted in a book titled “Power to Save the World”, Karl Grossman, a journalist who has made a career out of continuing to bash nuclear energy, and some guy on the internet named Rod Adams.

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  1. John Englert says:

    Nothing like a little atomic bomb test footage with a Metal soundtrack to start the morning. Can’t wait for the Grossman interview. I had emailed him about a year ago in response to a column he wrote (in HuffPo) attacking the use of Pu-238 as a power source in NASA deep space probes. To his credit he did respond (recommended his book of course). I found a copy on Amazon for $4 so I took him up on his offer. For a person who doesn’t understand the technology, Grossman presents a good case, but if you have some knowledge and experience, there’s a lot of strings to tug on and unravel his argument.