Quick teaser – check back for a story about Amory Lovins and his continued purposeful deceptions

I am off to my day job now, but I need to point out that Amy Goodman at DemocracyNow.org interviewed Amory Lovins on July 16. He was once again introduced as the “Chief Scientist” of Rocky Mountain Instituted and he once again went through his standard litany of deceptions including a denial that nuclear can reduce oil consumption, a description of micro power that ignores the fact that most of what meets his classification are diesel engines and gas turbines running on site in places where the grid is not reliable, an assertion that everyone who is investing in nuclear power is a central planner, and an assertion that building new nuclear plants is a more expensive way to address climate change than building wind turbines and solar panels.

He even reverted to his old ways as a coal industry promoter:

“What nuclear would do is displace coal, our most abundant domestic fuel.”

Here is the link to the transcript of the interview: Amory Lovins: Expanding Nuclear Power Makes Climate Change Worse. I plan to produce a more in depth discussion and perhaps even an “answer show” for the Atomic Show Podcast. The more I hear from this man the more I want to choke – he is either deaf or a purposeful liar and his prescriptions are dangerous. Perhaps he is more honest than I think, but people are just not paying attention to his real message. After all, as he states during the interview,

“You know, I’ve worked for major oil companies for about thirty-five years, and they understand how expensive it is to drill for oil.”

Major oil companies also understand just how important controlling the balance between supply and demand is for their profitability, so I am sure that they love how often their employee gets to be interviewed in important opinion shaping venues so they can slam their competition for free.

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