The Canadians are coming

Hugh MacDiarmid, the Chairman of the Board for Terrestrial Energy, Inc., gave a talk to the Economic Club of Canada on September 24, 2014. That talk included a brief description of TEI’s integral molten salt reactor technology, but most of the talk was visionary in nature and aimed at exciting his Canadian audience about the potential for introducing what could be a world-leading industry.

He spoke about the world’s growing need for new sources of energy that impose light burdens on the global environment. He talked about the aspirations of people in non-OECD countries to be able to live lives more like the ones that we live. When MacDiarmid said “they want what we have,” I hope that at least some of the people in the audience realized that without a far larger overall supply of power, the only way to raise up the people who don’t have enough is to take assets and resources from those who have more than the bare minimum.

TEI wants to build a demonstration plant in Canada. It will seek its initial investors, industrial partners and customers in Canada but plans to use its domestic strength as a base on which to build a global enterprise. I hope that US-based companies recognize the importance of finding ways to cooperate and participate in the effort and that our regulatory agency watches the progress carefully and learns efficiency lessons from our northern neighbor.

Here is MacDiarmid’s talk. Please enjoy it, be inspired by it, and begin to think of the ways that the vision provided can make the world a better place. Talks like this one motivate me to think of ways to move forward more quickly; there are so many ways to make the world a better place by ensuring there are abundant sources of clean energy available to more people.

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