How can I use iTunes to subscribe to the Atomic Show Podcast feed?

Update (August 14, 2012)

The Atomic Show podcast is now working properly on iTunes. Here is the link to the show. You can open it on iTunes as well.

This is a new location, so all of those wonderful comments and ratings that you provided have disappeared. If you like the show and want to help others find it, please take the time to visit, subscribe, rate, and provide a review comment.

For people who do not use iTunes, it is still possible to subscribe to the show using a variety of other tools. Here is the RSS feed address:

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  1. Chris Pragman says:

    Thanks Rod!
    I did this a while ago and it works. iTunes re-downloaded the entire back catalog, which I guess is the expected behavior.

    For me, it also was an opportunity to go back and re-listen to several episodes, which was also fun.

  2. Luca Bertagnolio says:

    Thanks Rod, it’s good to have the feed back into iTunes, now that you have so many new interesting Atomic Show podcasts to listen to!

    Ciao, Luca
    Futuro Nucleare

  3. camiel says:

    I very much like listening to Rod’s Atomic shows. Hosting your own podcast system on your own site, is much better than being dependent on some external service like TPN. I don’t use iTunes, but it also appears to work in gpodder, a podcast application for Linux. The podcast files are downloaded from the Amazon S3 storage system. There are many podcast applications besides iTunes and I think a podcast feed link should be of the generic RSS / XML type, which is supported by all kinds of podcast applications.