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Critical Analysis of Mousseau Fukushima Presentation

Editor’s Note: On March 11, 2013, Dr. Timothy Mousseau gave a presentation at the Helen Caldicott sponsored symposium on the Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima. This analysis by Dr. Patrick Walden, was posted as a TRIUMF wiki soon after that event and is republished here with his permission.
Dr. Walden is a retired nuclear physicist who earned his PhD at Caltech.

This is the presentation that Dr. Walden critiques.

Mousseau’s Presentation
to The Helen Caldicott Symposium on the Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima
March 11, 2013
A Criticism

By Patrick Walden

The Helen Caldicott Symposium on the Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima was held March 11 and 12, 2013 on the second anniversary of the incident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant facility in Japan. It was also the second anniversary of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami which killed 15,883 people and caused USD $235 to $300 billion in damage. The reactor incident killed no one but has occupied most of the media attention in the past two years.

The Symposium was not a meeting of scientists and their peers coming together to discuss their respective research. This was organized by the Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), a Helen Caldicott founded ultra anti-nuclear group, who are committed to bring about a nuclear free planet under any and all circumstances and that also includes nuclear power. This is an ideological driven organization and not a factual driven organization. This meeting could be compared to a Global Climate Change Denial symposium given by the Heartland Institute, or maybe even the equivalent of the Discovery Institute organizing lectures on why Evolution is not true.

It matters not if nuclear power can alleviate CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to mitigate global climate change; Helen Caldicott and the PSR are here to stop that. Do not be fooled by the “New York Academy of Medicine” sign on the podium. This is just the venue. They did not sanction the meeting. The crowd you hear in Mousseau’s presentation are not those of fellow scientists, but are those of the celebrated anti-nuclear activists in the streets.

It was into this setting that Mousseau was invited to give his talk.
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Open letter to antinuclear groups claiming to be “environmental”

Dr. Alexander Cannara is an environmental activist who has been writing letters to antinuclear groups. He gave me permission to republish one of his missives here. The views expressed are his, but they deserve to reach a larger audience. By Dr. Alexander Cannara Date: 19 Sept. 2013 Subject: An open letter to groups I’ll no […]

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Alvin Weinberg’s liquid fuel reactors

Figure 6. Senators John Kennedy and Al Gore Sr flank Alvin Weinberg on a visit to ORNL

A nuclear pioneer’s work on safer, cheaper, inexhaustible nuclear power is still inspiring nuclear environmentalists. by Robert Hargraves Physicist Alvin Weinberg worked on the Manhattan Project and later co-invented the pressurized water nuclear reactor. As Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory he led development of liquid fuel reactors, including walk-away-safe liquid fluoride thorium reactors with […]

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Westinghouse CEO: Decommissioning is part of the nuclear life cycle

Editor’s note: This guest post is in response to Westinghouse’s Roderick shifts resources from SMR to AP1000. By Danny Roderick I enjoy your blog and overall you get it right so I wanted to provide a little comment about growing our Westinghouse decommissioning business. Our fundamental business is growth in new units and servicing/fueling the […]

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CT Scans Save Lives

By Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI) We are writing to express our concerns with a January 30, 2014 article by Rita F. Redberg and Rebecca Smith-Bindman. The article is alarmingly titled, “We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer”, and is accompanied by a frightening cartoon that appears to be a doctor holding an X-ray film, and […]

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If you really care about carbon…

By Paul Lorenzini Two recent reports ought to frame the conundrum for environmental activists who oppose nuclear power and offer guidance for all who are concerned about carbon. Renewables and efficiency are not enough The first was BP’s Energy Outlook 2035. It challenges the prevailing narrative that has been driving the thought of many environmentalists […]

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Everything’s Coming Up Trilliums

by Jeremy Whitlock Ah, Nuclear Power, my old friend. Please do come in. Have a seat. Again you’ve been away too long. I feel silly coming here Doc. Now, now, hush. Sooner or later, everyone comes here. Tell me, how are things going? Well that’s just it Doc – on the face of it you […]

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Open letter to Ralph Nader from Timothy Maloney – Atomic energy is much better than you think

By Timothy Maloney, PhD Editor’s note: Timothy Maloney has written a number of text books about electrical circuits, electricity, and industrial electronics. The below is a copy of a letter that he wrote to Ralph Nader in response to an opinion piece published by CounterPunch under the headline Why Atomic Energy Stinks Worse Than You […]

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Ted Rockwell shared knowledge to combat Fukushima fears

By A. David Rossin Internationally recognized radiation engineer Ted Rockwell raised more than a few eyebrows when he maintained, in the aftermath of the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan, that the fear of radiation does more harm than the radiation itself. Responsible health experts know that outside the plant boundaries, radiation levels are detectable but low, […]

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Uranium Catalysts for the Reduction and/or Chemical Coupling of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen

This is a guest post from NNadir, the well-known nom de plume used by a chemical engineer who has professional reasons for obscuring his off-line identity. It is far more technical than most of the posts here, but I found it fascinating. I hope most readers agree that it is a welcome respite from the […]

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Pandora’s Promise and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – What we missed

Author blurb: Paul Lorenzini earned his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University and later earned a JD. He had a distinguished career in the electric utility business and was the Chief Executive Officer for NuScale Power for its first five years. He is now retired and sharing some of his thoughts about energy […]

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Benjamin Sovacool takes issue with Lorenzini’s criticism of his work

Editorial note: I received an interesting note in my inbox from Dr. Benjamin Sovacool. Hi Rod/Atomic Insights, I believe you already know me as I see multiple posts attacking my research. One of the most recent ones is from Paul Lorenzini. Given that this post has a number of factual errors in it (and it […]

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