Additional evidence re: nonproliferation & antinuclear alliance

After posting Nonproliferation is a disguised antinuclear energy effort, I received the following comment via email. The author has given me permission to share it, with attribution.

I know John Holdren well and this article in spot on. John does not weigh energy poverty very high and weighs nuclear weapons proliferation exceedingly highly.

This dominates his stand on nuclear power. In his articulation on objections to nuclear power he is careful to not allow nonproliferation arguments to enter often but rather to say things such as recycle should not be done because it is not economical at today’s price of uranium—this is the line from papers with Matt Bunn.

We know the real reason is his super concern over proliferation of nuclear weapons. He believes if nuclear is widely used it will enhance the chances of weapons being used. I suspect this is the hidden reason he does not push to get resolved the controversy over linear versus threashhold dose response to low levels of radiation. If radiation safety regulations became more rational the cost of nuclear power would lower substantially.

Ralph Moir
Vallecitos Molten Salt Research

Dr. Moir earned his doctorate in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1967 and a BS in Engineering Physics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1962. He is a Registered Professional Nuclear Engineer in the State of California, Registration number NU782, a fellow of the American Physical Society and American Nuclear Society. His CV and list of publications is available online.

Another piece of evidence of the way that the passionate people focused on preventing nuclear weapons proliferation have been harnessed as foot soldiers in a battle against the use of nuclear energy showed up in a July 18, 2014 article on CounterPunch titled Fukushima: Bad and Getting Worse. Here is the quote:

IPPNW [International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War] is the Nobel Peace Prize winning global federation of doctors working for “a healthier, safer and more peaceful world.” The group has adopted a highly critical view of nuclear power because as it says, “A world without nuclear weapons will only be possible if we also phase out nuclear energy.”

A world without nuclear energy is a world that is more dependent on the Earth’s rapidly diminishing store of hydrocarbons supplemented at the whim of the weather by diffuse energy flows that require physically massive collectors. It is a world where the people who control the hydrocarbon resources control an ever increasing share of global wealth and power.

Some commenters on the previous post challenged my assertion that efforts to hamper nuclear energy inevitably provide financial benefits to people who control hydrocarbons, saying that my proof was lacking a direct connection between people like John Holdren and fossil fuel interests.

My response is to suggest that people who are interested in learning more should search Atomic Insights for “smoking gun” and search the web for “Holdren Rockefeller”. People who are convinced that I am merely being conspiratorial can continue believing whatever they want to believe.

Nonproliferation is a disguised antinuclear energy effort

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