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Radiation is Safe Within Limits – Robert Hargraves

Dr. Robert Hargraves recently gave a talk to a chapter of the American Nuclear Society in New York. He recorded the talk and synchronized his words with the slides. It is quite informative.

RadiationSafeWithinLimits from Robert Hargraves on Vimeo.

Hargraves should be complimented and encouraged to keep working on his presentation, practicing the delivery and refining the message. This should become the next Inconvenient Truth in terms of reaching a wide audience.

In terms of improving the prosperity of our human society, it should have far wider effects than that politically-motivated slide show.

Hargraves is a retired technologist motivated by spreading truth and understanding about radiation health effects and the beneficial use of nuclear energy. He is not a politician hoping to win election as President of the United States. He is not even an ex-politician seeking personal wealth by capitalizing on his political and NGO connections.

On a related note, I recommend that you read Meredith Angwin’s post at Yes Vermont Yankee titled “No Safe Dose” is Bad Science: Guest Post by Howard Shaffer. It builds off of and enriches a discussion that started here on Atomic Insights a couple of days ago.

Dr. Helen Caldicott versus emission-free nuclear energy

Gordon McDowell is a Canadian film-maker who has a strong interest in molten salt reactors using thorium. However, he is also supportive of other forms of nuclear energy as beneficial sources of emission-free energy. You can find more of his work on his YouTube channel. Like many of my associates and colleagues, Gordon has a […]

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Passionate defense of nuclear energy

About two years ago, I made a trip from Virginia to Gaffney, South Carolina to talk at a public meeting being held about the draft environmental impact statement prepared for the proposed William States Lee nuclear power station which will include two 1140 MWe Westinghouse AP1000® reactor units. That proposed new power plant project is […]

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Vogtle Construction Update Video

This video provides an encouraging view of the positive impact that the Vogtle expansion project is having on the local community. It’s 4,000 – 5,000 construction jobs is just one part of the economic impact; that $23 million dollar property tax check shown during the video is another part that apparently brings smiles to the […]

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Future of energy must include nuclear

On Monday, Feb 24, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) unveiled its Future of Energy advertising campaign with a press conference at the National Press Club. The campaign will stress four major aspects of nuclear energy that are not as well understood as they should be. It will talk about the importance of nuclear energy in […]

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VC Summer makes impressive progress during 2013

SCANA has produced a terrific short video that provides an update on the progress they and their suppliers have made in building VC Summer units 2 and 3 during 2013. It’s hard not to be encouraged and impressed by the people, the machinery and the equipment being assembled into two powerful new clean energy sources. […]

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Professional antinuclear greens resist; greens concerned about climate change embrace

Fissures related to nuclear energy are developing in the monolithic movement known as Environmentalism. The Breakthrough Institute has published a good introduction to the schism titled The Great Green Meltdown: How Economic Arguments Against Nuclear Highlight Environmentalist Delusions. Though this is a simplification, it is generally accurate to describe two sides of the movement that […]

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Jane Velez-Mitchell expresses shock as she interviews Robert Stone about Pandora’s Promise

Jane Velez-Mitchell concludes this segment by saying: “If you ever thought you knew anything about nuclear power plants, think again.” She then extolls the CNN audience to tune in and watch Pandora’s Promise.

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European broadcasters shun Pandora’s Promise; It contradicts their prior investments

At the end of September 2013, Robert Stone was interviewed about Pandora’s Promise by Société Française d’Energie Nucléaire (SFEN). During that interview, he described his inability to convince a single European broadcaster — outside the UK — to show his documentary. According to Stone, representatives of broadcasting companies throughout the EU have told him that […]

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