Radiation is Safe Within Limits – Robert Hargraves

Dr. Robert Hargraves recently gave a talk to a chapter of the American Nuclear Society in New York. He recorded the talk and synchronized his words with the slides. It is quite informative.

RadiationSafeWithinLimits from Robert Hargraves on Vimeo.

Hargraves should be complimented and encouraged to keep working on his presentation, practicing the delivery and refining the message. This should become the next Inconvenient Truth in terms of reaching a wide audience.

In terms of improving the prosperity of our human society, it should have far wider effects than that politically-motivated slide show.

Hargraves is a retired technologist motivated by spreading truth and understanding about radiation health effects and the beneficial use of nuclear energy. He is not a politician hoping to win election as President of the United States. He is not even an ex-politician seeking personal wealth by capitalizing on his political and NGO connections.

On a related note, I recommend that you read Meredith Angwin’s post at Yes Vermont Yankee titled “No Safe Dose” is Bad Science: Guest Post by Howard Shaffer. It builds off of and enriches a discussion that started here on Atomic Insights a couple of days ago.

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