Atomicrod visits Dot Net Rocks to chat with Carl and Richard

On January 18, I joined Carl and Richard, the hosts of Dot Net Rocks, for an hour long conversation about nuclear energy. We spanned a number of topics including current light water reactors, breeder reactors, accidents, safety records, SL-1, NR-1, Mars Rover, pebble beds, IFR, and traveling wave reactors.

Please go visit and listen.

It’s another day to follow @Atomicrod on Twitter

I do not have much time in my schedule over the next few days for a long form blog post, but I have lots of thoughts to share on a variety of atomic related topics. If you are interested in that stream of consciousness, follow @Atomicrod on Twitter. Others who have posted interesting recent tweets […]

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Ask Atomic: What was your point regarding the 760 million mile per gallon carburetor?

Ask Atomic: What was your point regarding the 760 million mile per gallon carburetor? Reader Patrick recently asked me a question about an article titled “The 760 Million Mile Per Gallon (MMMPG) Carburetor” that I originally wrote for an online publication called Power Online a bit more than 5 years ago. With current interest in […]

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Ask Atomic: What limits reactor fuel burnup?

Several people have either sent email or made a comment on the Atomic Insights Blog about the factors that limit reactor fuel consumption (burnup). Here is one of the questions with my answer. This question came from Iain, who blogs at Rod, Could you please explain something to me, or point me at some […]

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Ask Atomic: Can fission by-products make steam?

On occasion, people write to Atomic Insights with questions whose answers might be beneficial to a number of other people. We will be sharing some of those questions and responses with you in the Ask Atomic section of the publication.John Mahler holds an almost invisible, but extremely important job. He is in charge of the […]

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