WISE and NIRS promoting twisted campaign with slogan “Don’t nuke the climate”

It has been a long standing absurdity that the clean development mechanisms approved by the Kyoto treaty to reduce the risk of climate change exclude nuclear energy.

This year there is momentum building to reevaluate and change a rule that virtually eliminates the option for nations to use the most effective tool available to permanently reduce coal, oil, natural gas and biofuel combustion in power plants.

The Netherland based World Information Service on Energy (WISE), and “green” groups from Germany, Russia, France, Austria and the US — including the deceptively named Nuclear Information and Research Service (NIRS) — are promoting an effort to resist the insertion of logic and reason into the important effort to reduce global CO2 emissions.

Their twisted slogan is “Don’t Nuke The Climate.” As we know, nuclear power plants run inside sealed containments; fission is clean enough to operate inside submerged submarines.

Please visit Ban nuclear from Paris talks, green groups urge and participate in the poll to state your opinion that nuclear energy is an ultra low CO2 energy source that should be counted as a clean development mechanism that is eligible to earn full certified emissions reduction credit for its contributions to CO2 reductions.

Here is an early snapshot of the poll results.


Update: This screenshot of the poll results taken at 5:20 EDT June 18, 2015. Note the impressive shift in results from yesterday. Might have something to do with passing the word about the poll to people that are not part of the small, but loud antinuclear choir.


Update: (July 26, 2015 03:00) The edie web site has posted an article titled Poll: 85% of sustainability professionals support nuclear subsidies summarizing the results of its poll. Here is a quote from that article.

More than 85% of sustainability professionals and green experts currently support the continued subsidisation of nuclear power in the UK, a new edie poll has found.

More than 350 edie readers have so far responded to a question asking whether the UK Government should continue to support and subsidise nuclear power.

Circular Ecology’s Craig Jones, who recently wrote about the controversial Hinkley nuclear plant for edie, suggested the disparity could be the result of an educated pragmatism from sustainability professionals.

He said: “I believe it’s more likely they accept nuclear, rather than outright support it. This is likely in recognition that it provides a large amount of low carbon electricity to the UK (20%) and that replacing this without our carbon emissions going up would be a considerable task.”

Here is a screenshot of the vote tally as of June 26, 2015 at 3:00 am EDT.


Morals of the story:

1. Participate in opportunities to share your opinions about nuclear energy. More people may be paying attention to your voice than you think.
2. Take the results of any internet poll that doesn’t require a secure login process with a huge pile of salt.

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