NEA 2016 – Preparing for new reactor development

On May 24, 2016 during the afternoon session of the Nuclear Energy Assembly, there was a panel discussion on the topic of preparing for new reactor development.

NEI’s Chief Operating Officer, Maria Korsnick, moderated the panel. Other participants included

  • Jacob DeWitt, CEO and co-founder of Oklo, a start-up company with a design for a 2 MWe nuclear generator designed for remote power applications where diesel generators are the only available option
  • John Hopkins, CEO of NuScale Power, a maturing start-up company that will be submitting its design certification application for its 50 MWe NuScale module by the end of this year
  • Stephen Kuczynski, CEO of Southern Nuclear, a company with six large operating reactors and two more under construction at Plant Vogtle
  • Lee McIntire, the CEO of TerraPower, an innovation company with a focus on nuclear energy that is currently working on a traveling wave reactor and a molten chloride salt reactor
  • Cynthia Pezze, Chief Technology Officer for Westinghouse, one of the first nuclear plant vendors in the world and the developer of the basic PWR technology that is used in more than half of the current nuclear plants in the world.

I’m planning come back and modify this post later with some commentary. For now, I thought that some readers might like the “hot off the press” feel of watching a discussion that just occurred a few hours ago at an industry conference in Miami.

If you do take the time to watch the discussion, here’s a game you can play. Jot down any comments or discussion points that the panelists made that seem familiar based on your status as an Atomic Insights reader.

Continuing Education on Advanced Reactors for U.S. Senate

On May 17, 2016, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing to examine the status of advanced reactor technologies. Hosted by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) the Committee Chairman and Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), the Ranking Member, the committee heard testimony from the five witnesses listed below. Dr. Jacob DeWitt, Co-Founder and CEO […]

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Feeling Upbeat about Nuclear Technology’s Future

I feel better about the prospects for new nuclear technology development today (April 21) than I have for several years, based on the four conferences in four different U.S. cities I’ve attended over the past several weeks. My travel calendar has included Washington, D.C., for the Nuclear Industry Summit / Nuclear Security Summit, New York […]

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Strengthening nuclear innovators – Bootcamp at Berkeley


The Nuclear Innovation Alliance, UC Berkeley and Third Way are partnering with universities, national labs, think tanks, the Department of Energy and corporations including Southern Co., Google, Transatomic, Terrestrial Energy, and TerraPower to offer the first Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp August 1-12 at the University of California, Berkeley. Twenty-five students (graduate students or undergraduates who will […]

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House Energy and Commerce seeks to enable advanced nuclear energy

On Friday, April 29, 2016, the Energy and Power subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing to discuss H.R. 4979 and a draft discussion bill with the unfortunate acronym of NUKEPA (Nuclear Utilization of Keynote Energy Policies Act). Though at different stages of the legislative process, both documents are efforts to […]

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Enabling atomic innovation

During the past several weeks there have been a number of developments supporting a growing movement to enable nuclear energy innovators to succeed in the US. Leaders are realizing that nuclear energy, which has deep roots in the US and has proven its capability to produce reliable power without producing any air pollution, should be […]

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Advanced Reactor leaders: Will you put one in your backyard?

I returned from the Nuclear Energy Insider International Advanced Reactor and SMR Summit with revived energy, optimism and passion for participating in an expanding effort to smooth and straighten the tortuous path associated with producing increased quantities of clean energy from atomic fission. The effort isn’t small, it isn’t narrowly focused, and it isn’t–by any […]

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Lightbridge metallic alloy fuel provides upgrade path for LWRs

LTBR fuel pin cross-section showing displacer, fuel core and cladding

Lightbridge, a company that was originally incorporated as Thorium Power, Inc., has achieved significant technology developments after making a strategic turn in 2010 from thorium based fuels to low enriched uranium metal alloy fuels. As funding dried up from the government agencies supporting their thorium work, the company chose to use its assembled nuclear engineering […]

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Mr. Atomic Goes to New York for The Future of Energy – Part 1

On April 4 and 5, I had the pleasure of attending the 9th annual The Future of Energy Summit organized by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and held at the Grand Hyatt next door to New York’s Grand Central Station. The organizing theme of this year’s event, The Age of Plenty, the Age of Competition […]

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Bechtel and BWXT have announced an acceleration of Generation mPower

Note: For an update on this topic see subsequent post titled Bechtel will “pursue” acceleration of mPower project. On March 4, 2016, in a press release issued from Reston, VA, Bechtel and BWX Technologies (BWXT) announced that they would be accelerating their Generation mPower small modular reactor project. Bechtel will take over the project lead […]

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DOE and UAMPS sign agreement for siting at INL

At the 12th annual Platts Nuclear Energy Conference, John Kotek, the Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Energy just made a major announcement. Yesterday, February 17, 2016 Rick Provencher and Doug Hunter signed an agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy and UAMPS (Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems). It provides UAMPS with a use […]

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Achievable nuclear nirvana – not so wild dreams by Nick P.

Nick's vacant lot

A recent article titled U-Battery – Micronuclear power with intriguing business model inspired a commenter with the pseudonyum of Nick P. to share some visionary power system ideas. There are plenty of other people who offer hazy visions of what our future energy system might include. The difference between Nick P.’s fission-enabled future and the […]

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