Innovative closed cycle gas cooled reactor – circa April 1956

I came across an advertisement in the April 1956 issue of Scientific American that I simply had to share.

Does anyone recognize the basic concept described by the Ford Instrument Company (a division of Sperry Rand Corporation) almost exactly 60 years ago?

Ford Instrument CCGCRsm

Using portable nuclear generators to break petroleum logistical dependence circa 1963

Note: The initial version of this post was written based on an incorrect interpretation of the Roman numeral date stamp at the end of the video. The film was made in 1963, not 1968. The post was revised after a commenter provided the correct production date. End note. I have a theory about why the […]

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Fission is an elegant way to heat a gas

What if it was possible to combine the low capital cost, reliability, and responsive operations of simple cycle combustion gas turbines with the low fuel cost and zero-emission capability of an actinide (uranium, thorium, or plutonium) fuel source? Machines like that could disrupt a few business models while giving the world’s economy a powerful new […]

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NGNP aims to expand nuclear fission out of its electricity producing niche (box)

The NGNP Alliance recently published a thought provoking blog titled Energy Vs. Electricity and Why We Care that clearly explains the basis for their interest in using high temperature gas cooled reactors. That group of far-sighted organizations was formed in recognition that the energy market is far larger than just producing electricity. They believe that […]

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Atomicrod visits Dot Net Rocks to chat with Carl and Richard

On January 18, I joined Carl and Richard, the hosts of Dot Net Rocks, for an hour long conversation about nuclear energy. We spanned a number of topics including current light water reactors, breeder reactors, accidents, safety records, SL-1, NR-1, Mars Rover, pebble beds, IFR, and traveling wave reactors. Please go visit and listen.

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Adams Engine – Goal is cheap, ultra low emission fuel coupled to cheap machinery

Adams Engine

Though I am not actively pursuing the idea right now, I have had several opportunities in the past couple of days to explain to people why I made the design decisions I did when putting together the Adams Engine concept. As a rather lazy man, I figured it would be easier to repurpose those arguments […]

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The Atomic Show #132 – Ray Squirrel Interviews (Atomic) Rod Adams

Ray Squirrel is the screen name used by a documentary film maker who is collecting material for a film about nuclear power. You can find some of the work he has done so far at RaySquirrel’s youtube site. I am not sure how the film will come out, but I thought you might be interested […]

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The Atomic Show #129 – Atomic Gas Turbines

On March 30, 2009, I had the privilege of presenting a talk at my alma mater on the topic of nuclear heated Brayton cycle machines – also known as atomic gas turbines or Adams EnginesTM. This episode of The Atomic Show is my first attempt at an enhanced podcast using chapter markers and trying to […]

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The Atomic Show #099 – interviews Rod Adams of Adams Atomic Engines, Inc.

Rob McNealy is the host and producer of Rob and Rod Adams chatted recently about Rod’s efforts as atomic entrepreneur who wants to change the world. Rob McNealy of and I had an interesting chat on Tuesday about Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. (AAE). We discussed the 15-year effort to build an independent, atomic […]

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The Atomic Show #063 – NNadir interviews Rod Adams about Adams Engines(TM)

NNadir is a popular diarist on Daily Kos. He appeared recently as a guest of The Atomic Show and has returned to interview Rod Adams about the Adams Engine(TM) As the host of The Atomic Show, I have occasionally shared some information about the Adams Engine(TM), my own design for an atomic power source that […]

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